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Original Research

The Use of a Blended Learning Environment by Primary School Student Teachers to Study Music Theory

Author(s): Lenita Hietanen , Heikki Ruismäki

Pages: 2393 - 2404

First Published: 13 Apr 2017

Original Research

University Music Educators Creating Piano-Learning Environments in Finnish Primary School Teacher Education

Author(s): Anu Seppa , Lenita Hietanen , Jukka Enbuska , Vesa Tuisku , Inkeri Ruokonen , Heikki Ruismäki

Pages: 2852 - 2864

First Published: 01 Jan 2019

Original Research

Toward a Blended Learning Model of Teaching Guitar as Part of Primary Teacher Training Curriculum

Author(s): Vesa Tuiskua , Inkeri Ruokonen

Pages: 2520 - 2537

First Published: 30 Aug 2017