Published Online: EpSBS Volume 125

Freedom and Responsibility in Pivotal Times


Proceedings of International Forum «Freedom and responsibility in pivotal times» (FaR 2021), 19-23 April, 2021, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Edited by:

Irina Savchenko, Professor,
Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Conference Chair:

A. B. Efremenkov, Associate Professor, Doctor,
Chair of the International Program Committee, Vice Rector for Scientific Research and Innovative Activities of Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University (Veliky Novgorod, Russian Federation

D. Ye. Krapchunov, Ph.D.
Chair of the Organizing Committee, Acting Director of Institute of Humanities, Veliky Novgorod, Russian Federation

S. A. Malenko, 
Prof., Dr.,
Vice-chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Head of Department of Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Sociology, Veliky Novgorod, Russian Federation 

About this Proceedings

The volume contains selected, peer-reviewed papers from the International Forum «Freedom and responsibility in pivotal times» (FaR 2021), 19 - 23 April, 2021, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

The objective of the conference is to establish an academic discussion on cultural and social problems relevant for ethnic, professional, and social communities in Russia and surrounding states. The event is supposed to be the dedicated to the discussions, opinions and reports concerning cultural, legal, historical, and political aspects of social transformations altering local communities and affecting global trends.

The topic of the conference is important not only from the academical view point. It actually helps to understand the political and social processes taking the place in the world. The globalization is the key feature distinguishing our times in historical process. The global transformations affect local communities in various and unpredictable way. Global economic trends affect the everyday and professional life of people. Modern social media alters the way people communicate and interferes with the traditional relations and religious worldview. Social mobility makes cultural and identity preservation more difficult than ever before. All this makes the globalization is the very important object for thorough study.

Featured Articles

Legal Aspects Of Inappropriate Provision Of Medical Care
Yu. Ushakov, Victoria N. Chaplygina, Irina A. Savchenko, Anna M. Gorokhova, Maria A. Dementeva

Covid-19: The Response of Insurers and Service Consumers

Evgeniya V. Ageeva, Nadezhda V. Kuznetsova, Marina N. Stepanova

Freedom of Expression: The Case Of Mitigating And Aggravating Imposition

Irina V. Kozhukhova, Elena A. Chelak

The Right to Freedom of Speech: Evolution in the Digital Age

Roman Amelin, Sergey Channov, Tatiana Milusheva

Societal Transformation in the Era of Implementation of National Projects

Andrey Yu. Ushakov, Zhanna V. Nikonova, Irina A. Savchenko, Yuri Yu. Brazhin, Margarita D. Khayretdinova, Maria A. Dementeva

Reflection of Dostoevsky’s Ideas in Wilde’s Play “Vera, or The Nihilists”

Olga M. Valova, Tatyana V. Shcherbakova

The Impact of Economic Factors on the Legislative Policy on Bankruptcy

Alexander A. Pakharukov

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