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Comparing Information from Focus-group Interviews with that Obtained by Surveys in an ESL Environment

Table 2: Extensions of topics in focus-group meeting and survey in the Biology group.

Biology group Focus-group meeting Survey
Original questions/ objectivesExtended topics Open discussionCourse aims/ achievementsLearning processContent and methodLearning objectivesExtended topics during discussionQuality of teachers and their teaching styles and attitudesSelf-learning processTime managementStudent learning preferences and expectationsTransportation issue to classroom (campus bus)Suggestion for course improvementCourse perspectives and developmentProvide different examples and cases to explain opinions From questionnaireCourse aims/ achievementsEase/ Usage of contentLearning processComments From open-ended questionsClassroom setting(air-conditioning level)Time managementSuggestion for course improvementTransportation issue to classroom (campus bus)
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