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Comparing Information from Focus-group Interviews with that Obtained by Surveys in an ESL Environment

Table 3: Extensions of answers in focus-group meeting and survey in the Law study

Question Focus GroupSurvey
[School of Law] Please indicate the extent to which you think you acquired or improved your mastery of substantive knowledge of the history of Common Law? Opinion discussionM.C.- [S5]: ‘As we are just Year 1- Four level/ choices students, we do not have an[Yes, Somewhat, No & idea of what Common LawNot addressed]should be consisting of. Inshort, we don’t have any- Yes [18]; No [4] (n=22)expectation at all …’[S3]: ‘We know that CommonOpen-ended questions Law talks about tradition- [S11]: ‘Quite useful as and its application but nothe common law local example is beingprinciples are only cited ... it is found that thisfundamental.’ course lacks showing how- [S16]: ‘It is useful into Common Law is beingunderstanding theviewed in Hong Kong.’background of the[S1]: ‘We are learninglegal systems. i.e. Common Law but not muchCommon Law vs is relating to Hong Kong.Civil Law’We don’t have any idea of- [S17]:’ It was good to Common Law being viewedgive an introduction by Hong Kong Lawof the philosophy andprofessionals … it hadhistory of thebetter to have one lessonCommon Law at the talking about local cases orbeginning.’views on Common Law.’- [S3]: ‘I think it is good enough to spare several minutes for Common Law in Hong Kong each time.’
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