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Reasons of Turkish University Students Preference from Three Different Therapeutic Styles

Table 1: Turkish University Students Psychotherapy Preference Reasons

Theme f % Statement
If I have any trouble I would prefer a therapist who is REBT oriented.
I prefer Ellis.
Ellis is the best of them in all.
Ellis has more wisdom.
Ellis looks like behaving he is knowing what the client is desire for.
If I were Gloria I would prefer Ellis.
Preference 35 35 I really liked Rogers. I prefer him than others.
Rogers is very calm I liked him.
Rogers look like a father as Gloria stated this is what I liked in him.
20 20 Perls look like more sophisticated than others I prefer him.
Perls is playing so that’s why I prefer.
Therapy 85 85 I found Albert Ellis’ approach more realistic.
The RET or REBT is more useful than other therapies.
Usefulness 78 78 Except RET other therapies is time consuming.
I believe that Ellis methods works better them all.
I think Ellis is more effective therapist than other two therapists.
75 75 I think I have also illogical ideas about myself that I should change them.
I can understand what Ellis means.
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