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Media Ethnographic Methods Targeting students in a Technical Education (Medialogy)

Table 2: Table 2

Workshop day 1 Workshop day 2 Workshop day 3
-Choose a digital game as a case for analysis. -Decide which elements in the gameplay that should be the analytical focus. -Organise a test of the game when a person is playing (10 minutes). -Document the organisation of the study (including planning of the setup, such as camera-soundplace-light and what methods to be used - minimum two methods). • Organise a situated interview related to the gameplay situation. -Finish video recording of gameplay activity observation. -Finish a situated interview based on the gameplay activity. -Choose focus of analysis. When relevant, use Conversation Analysis (CA) techniques to analyse the interviews and/or what is expressed in the video recording. -Consider how to use theory. -Analyse based on thechosen foci and initiate the consideration of theoretical possibilities (identify key words, concepts....). -Do not start any editing procedure - the outcome of the discussion will form a foundation for the editing process. -Analyse 2 minutes each of the gameplay observation and interviews. -Depending on the observation, the focus may be more on the body motion in this analysis - but include possible analysis of speech related to the body motion as well. -Use the techniques from Workshop day 2 and 3 and include excerpts from the transcripts, which should be attached to the final group paper as appendix. • Relate the observation and interview to each other in order to extend the understanding of what is going on by applying an appropriate theoretical perspective. -Find key concepts, models that are appropriate to apply to the results of the analysis in order to make sense of what is going on. - Describe the method and the process of analysis in writing (as a part of the final individual paper). -Describe and discuss the theoretical conclusions in writing (as part of the final individual paper). Hand in the video story/collage.
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