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The Experience of Laboratory Learning – How Do Chemistry Students Perceive Their Learning Environment?

Table 1: Categories and dimensions found for student experiences of their learning environment.

Category Dimensions Example
Promoting/hindering factors in the LE Safe social learning atmospherepeer discussionsasking assistant teachers At least for me being able to confirm my own assumptions and hunches [through discussion] is a good way to learn, or actually, one of the best ways to learn. And it enhances also your courage and self-esteem there in the laboratory. You get more confident.
Need for guidance/scaffolding Physically & socially distributed intelligence and scaffoldingfit/misfit between required and provided guidance (social and physical) Generally I’ve noticed that the examples and explanations should be clear and relevant and not like, swinging your hands in the air, like “throw a nice amount of water in there”, and “then please heat it in a suitable temperature for a nice amount of time,”Like in the future, you’ll probably be in an Orion laboratory and most probably there’s no-one telling you ”do this do this”
Safety Social scaffolding It is, though, better to ask than to realize that the whole place smells like bitter almond [i.e., cyanide]… whether we should evacuate ourselves…
Physical scaffolding I think like that safety would be the important thing and like a clear instruction in the environment, for example where are the disposal containers and that they would be labelled well and clearly
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