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Digital Resource Exchange About Music (DREAM): Usability Testing Results

Table 1: Four phases of usability testing

Phase/ version Testing designperiod Data sources & participants Summary of concerns Usability issues Design changes
Phase 1v. 1.0 2 weeks 24 classroom teacher focus group & log sheets Navigation; login/account creation; error messages; difficulties acrossplatforms Efficiency Satisfaction
Phase 1design changes 1 week Fixed bugs for login, accountcreation, platform inconsistencies.
Phase 2v. 1.1 6 weeks 6-person focus group with core teacher testers; 8-person focus group with core testersand designers Navigation awkward; search ineffective; overall “look and feel” too busy; not platform responsive; inconsistencies; too many categories Efficiency Satisfaction
Phase 2 design changes 12 weeks Complete re-design using a responsive template for smartphones and tablets; new URL, host, and CMS version; extensive revisions with frequent interactions between the design team and core users.
Phase 3v. 1.2 1 week 6 core testers and designers providing ongoing feedback through a dynamic cloud-based document Minor concerns regarding button sizing, font sizes, button placement; concern with efficiency of search; adding resources – confusion with categories and filters Satisfaction Usefulness Efficiency
Phase 3 design changes 1 week Adjustments for platforms, aesthetics of fonts, buttons; improvements to recommender and search functions; finalizingcategories & filters
Phase 4v. 1.3 3 weeks 47 test participants; initial survey, surveys after each use, exitsurvey Search function; retrieving resources; need for more comments; platform issues with aesthetics Satisfaction Usefulness Efficiency
Phase 4 designchanges 3 weeks Final style changes; vetting module introduced; searchfunction improved
Release v. 1.4 8 weeks 12-person focus group with core testers/designers and institutionalstakeholders TBD TBD Efficiency Satisfaction Usefulness
Final design changes TBD
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