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Social Physique Anxiety and its Relation with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Table 1: Demographic characteristics of the under treatment and control groups

Group Gender Marital Status Level Of Education Age x/SD
Under Male: Single: n= 84Married: n= 103Divorced: n= 4Widow: n= 5 Under Diploma: n= 19 Diploma: n= 54 Associate's degree: n= 26Bachelor’s degree: n= 73 Master’s degree: n= 19Doctorate: n= 9 27.88.39
Cosmetic n=48(24%)
Treatment Female:
(n= 200) n= 152(76%)
Under Diploma: n= 0
Diploma: n= 21
Control Male: n=73(36.5%)Female: n=127(63.5%) Single: n= 164Married: n= 32Divorced: n= 2Widow: n= 0 Associate's degree: n= 37Bachelor’s degree: n= 129Master’s degree: n= 11 21.92.7
(n= 200)
Doctorate: n= 0
Co-variance analysis results: F= 1.61 sig=0.205 F=0.379sig=0.53 F=2.85sig= 0/09 F= 0.625sig=0.43
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