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Linking Literacies Through A Reative Group Project In English Classes

Table 4: Reported Perceptions of Two Initial Tasks in Two Classes

Task Positive Comments Negative Comments/Suggestion
News revisited Enhanced creativity & imagination (2, 3) Difficulty in news selection (1)
Provided a solid foundation for the play (1, 3) Difficulty in combing different pieces of news into a play (1, 1)
Raised awareness of current news (3) Forgot the details of the news (1)
Granted freedom of choice (1, 4) Limited sources for the play (1)
Grasped a better understanding of the reported news (1) “My group didn’t use my reported news stories.” (1)
Outline construction Helped construct the whole play (6, 11)Sharpened writing skills (1)Helped remind students of the reported news (1)Enhanced imagination & creativity (1)Helped members engage in discussions (3) Similarity to drafting a play (2)Difficulty in writing an outline (1)
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