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Adaptation and Validation of Aricak’s Professional Self- Esteem Scale for use in the Pakistani Context

Table 2: Factor loading and reliability coefficient of revised scale

Questions A B C D E
Q: 1 I deserve better professions than my current one .452
Q: 4 I cannot respond proudly when my profession is asked .382
Q: 6 I chose my profession reluctantly .443
Q: 10 Because of a preference error, currently I hold a profession that I do not want .508
Q: 12 I could not yet adopt the values of my profession .494
Q: 15 I despise my profession .406
Q: 17 There are times I live conflict in myself because I chose this profession .509
Q: 19 I think that my abilities are not suitable for my profession .480
Q: 21 I consider changing my profession .675
Q: 22 I believe that my profession cannot meet my needs .418
Q: 27 I think my interests are not suitable to my profession .605
Q: 29 I look as if I enjoy my profession, although I do not .381
Q: 2 My profession is very important to me .659
Q: 5 I think I can be productive and efficient in my profession .798
Q: 9 I respect my profession a lot .786
Q: 11 I think my profession is a preferred and desired profession .697
Q: 13 I am happy with my profession .657
Q: 16 I can give myself emotionally to my profession .51
Q: 18 I can succeed important and beneficial things for humanity by means of my profession .718
Q: 20 I think that my profession has a brilliant future .503
Q: 24 I will pursue my profession because I want to .707
Q: 26 I can advocate my profession easily if needed .742
Q: 28 I think my profession is prestigious .644
Q: 30 My profession has the attributes that my ideal profession would have .686
Q: 31 I can perform well my professional responsibilities .702
Q: 32 I think my standards of life is better than other professionals .361
Q: 35 I think I am a reasonably good teacher .559
Q: 36 In my opinion I can bring about a positive change in student’s life .613
Q: 8 I cannot concentrate on the intellectual activities that my profession requires .367
Q: 33 I think I have some professional deficiencies .770
Q: 34 I think people do not value me as a teacher .573
Q: 37 People do not value me as a teacher .504
Q: 3 I don’t find my profession to be suitable for my personality .693
Q: 7 My profession is a part of myself .617
Q: 14 My profession has the attributes to affect people .649
Q: 23 I wish I had a profession that I can proudly tell .479
Q: 25 When I receive a negative critique about my profession, I have the tendency to perceive it worthless. .428
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