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Development of Creative Abilities in Schoolchildren Through Self-cognition Lessons

Table 2: Applied Methods

Section Lesson number Themes Applied Methods
III Being a human 17-18 The Family World Therapeutic Puppetry
19-20 About Trust Writing Fairy Tales
21-22 Being Hardworking Card-making
23-24 The Beauty of the Human Soul Collage
IV How Beautiful This World Is! 25-26 Nature as a Source of Inspiration Art Therapy
27-28 Learning to See the Beauty of Nature Drawing on Rocks
29-30 Learning to Hear the Music of Nature Music Therapy
31-32 The Joy of Creativity Lesson content is supplemented by considering the concept of “creativity”, “Art Technology”, methods for developing creative abilities. It is possible to apply the methods of “Six hats”, synectics, the method of associations, and the method of focal objects
33-34 Final Revision Creative Portfolio
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