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Unlocking US Teachers´ Vocal Potential by Raising Awareness About the Body-Mind Interconnectedness in Voicepilates Training

Table 2: What good teachers’ voice means to me

Participant Good teacher´s voice means for me
Rachel almost calming, accepting people´s words what they have to say; strong voice, maintaining the kindness in it
Ryan a strong, also a compassionate voice, one that has inflection, not monotone, adding some variety and spice
Kit being assertive in confident way, still being caring, welcoming; introducing, using vocal variety
Pam authority to demand your attention, makes people want to listen, still very nice and approachable, not too demanding
Kimmy confidence, knows what´s she´s doing, nobody could question her or her teaching, still being able to be comfortable; comforting, not afraid to speak to students to equal gender level; authoritative
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