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Student Evaluation of International Interaction and Communication Opportunities at University

Table 6: Factor loadings and reliabilities for independent variables (domestic students, N = 70)

Factor scales (Alpha)/Factor loading
Factor 1. Multicultural interaction (0.818)
It is easy to make friends with other international students (EXINT4) 0.8079
International students and local students have regular opportunities to interact with one another during social campus events, clubs, committees, etc. (ININT1) 0.6439
There are enough multicultural extracurricular learning opportunities such as day trips, workshops, programs or events (ININT2) 0.669
Teachers provide opportunities for multicultural interaction and worldview perspective exchanges in class (ININT3) 0.7242
I collaborate regularly with students from other cultures in classroom/study-related settings (ININT4) 0.8339
Factor 2. Local community engagement (0.666)
The university provides opportunities for interaction with local companies and organisations (EXINT1) 0.5433
The university provides opportunities to participate in local community events and volunteer services (EXINT2) 0.8277
It is easy to make friends with local students (EXINT3) 0.7963
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