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Sevastopol in the Historical Memory of the Great Patriotic War: Media Space Analysis

Table 1: Newsworthy events related to the topic of Sevastopol in the context of the Great Patriotic War

Newsworthy events Source Views
Buildings in Sevastopol that survived two defenses (photo) RuInformer 17297
How Sevastopol became the white-stone pearl of Russia RuInformer 17122
"... Why did Hitler still take Sevastopol? ..." RuInformer 16828
Sevastopol celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Victory Iz.RU 14190
Is heroism “out of trend” in Sevastopol today? RuInformer 13698
Veterans of Sevastopol will receive an additional payment by Victory Day RG.ru 11805
No one is forgotten: "Mom, you cannot imagine what the Nazis turned Sevastopol into" KP.RU (Sevastopol) 10258
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