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Criteria of Extremist Speech Acts: Forensic Linguistic Diagnostic Complexes

Table 3: CDC ‘rationalisation of the need to carry out extremist activities’

Speech product component Forensic (linguistic) features of the reference sample
Topic (subject of speech) 1. object of criminogenic aggression: a) a group of people distinguished on the basis of social identity, or its representative(s) b) public order (public interests) 2. unlawful extremist actions
Attitude a positive assessment of the described / indicated extremist actions, recognition of their correctness and necessity ora promise to commit the described / indicated extremist actions with an appeal to ‘morally’ support them (to pray for them, to make dua (dua (Arabic دعاء) – a prayer.) , etc.)
Speech purpose convincing the recipient of the correctness and purposefulness of committing extremist actions
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