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Criteria of Extremist Speech Acts: Forensic Linguistic Diagnostic Complexes

Table 5: CDC ‘humiliation of the human dignity of a person (group of people) in connection with his/her social identity’ (‘hyper-identity’)

Speech product component Forensic (linguistic) features of the reference sample
Topic (subject of speech) 1. object of criminogenic aggression: a) a group of people distinguished on the basis of social identity, or its representative(s)2. negative assessment of the object of criminogenic speech aggression through stereotypes:a) negative assessment of the out-group (qualities, values, behavior, etc.), presenting the out-group as inferior, defective (heterostereotype); the assessment applies to all representatives of the out-group, even if the object of criminogenic aggression is a representative (-s) of a social group orb) positive assessment of the in-group, a description of its exclusivity / superiority over the out-group (autostereotype)
Attitude a negative hostile and disrespectful attitude towards the out-group:contemptdisgustfeardisregard for valuesmockeryhumiliation, etc. in relation to any or every member of a social group
Speech purpose informing about the attitude towards the subject of speech (demonstrating a derogatory attitude towards this social group to the audience)
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