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Criteria of Extremist Speech Acts: Forensic Linguistic Diagnostic Complexes

Table 6: CDC ‘humiliation of the human dignity of a person (group of people) in connection with his/her social identity’ (‘enemy image’)

Speech product component Forensic (linguistic) features of the reference sample
Topic (subject of speech) 1. object of criminogenic aggression: a) a group of people distinguished on the basis of social identity, or its representative(s)2. negative assessment of the object of criminogenic speech aggression through stereotypes:a) attribution of the out-group hostility (hostile actions) in relation to the in-group, as well as intentions to commit hostile actions in relation to the in-grouporb) explanation of the problems, calamities, troubles of the in-group by the activity of the out-grouporc) attribution of generalized negative characteristics to an out-group (congenital or embedded in culture, including religious dogmas: negative moral qualities, vices, etc.)ord) the transfer of negative characteristics of specific individuals (members of the out-group) to the entire out-group, including attributing to all representatives of the out-group the desire to follow the rules of conduct (including archaic norms of religious law, ethnic customs, etc.), which are illegal and (or) immoral from the author’s point of view
Attitude negative hostile and disrespectful attitude towards the out-group:a) fearb) contemptc) disregard for values
Speech purpose informing about the attitude towards the subject of speech (demonstrating to the audience that the out-group is an enemy and source of harm)
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