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The Impact of E-Learning on University Students’ Learning of Sport Skill Subjects During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Table 4: Does online learning affect students’ psychological well-being? (Research Question 1)

Descriptive statistics for psychological well-being of students during online classes
N Mean Std. Deviation
If I need to, I will ask for help from my classmates. 152 4.49 .620
I feel comfortable expressing my opinions and feelings in online classes. 152 3.58 .973
I feel comfortable introducing myself in online classes. 152 3.69 .886
I can effectively communicate in online classes. 152 3.45 .968
I feel comfortable asking other students in online classes for help. 152 3.65 .998
I have no difficulties with expressing my thoughts in online classes. 152 3.37 1.028
I feel my lecturers have created a safe online class environment in which I can freely express myself. 152 3.86 .846
I feel comfortable in the online class environment provided by my programme. 152 3.57 1.034
Valid N (listwise) 152
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