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A Study of the Adolescents’ Psychological Potential Actualization Model


The socio-psychological situation in Ukraine has undergone significant changes. A global pandemic, harsh quarantine measures, war, insufficient public information, stigmatization of public opinion, high risks to public health – have all created a new psychosocial reality of life for both adults and young people. It is obvious that these problems and their manifestation in totality have affected young people’s life in various aspects. An anonymous voluntary survey of high school teachers conducted in 10 schools in different regions of Ukraine (Prykarpattia, Central and Northern) revealed a decrease in student activity (360 students aged 14-17) by 40% (attendance, willingness to learn and participate in educational activities), significantly reduced success (by 35%) during the distance learning period. The parents’ survey results show that young people’s feelings of fear (89%), anxiety (84%), aggression (58%), and depression (52%) are significant. A study of the structural characteristics’ of the specific manifestations of young people’s psychological potential was conducted between 2016-2020 which involved more than 1,500 participants on a voluntary, anonymous basis. The young people’s psychological potential comprised the following components: motivational, emotional, value, and behavioral. The results showed a 40% decline in indexes on average over 2020-2021. A 4-stage young people’s psychological potential actualization model focusing on diagnostic, psycho-corrective, formative, and recreational-assertive aspects was developed based on the “Children`s Camp Zefir” recreation program and the adolescents’ psychological center “Alternative”. The model, implemented for the second year 2021-2022, currently displays significant results for increasing psychological indicators

Keywords: Adolescentsadolescents` personality life spheresadolescents` psychological potentialpsychological potential developing technologypsychological potential actualization

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Published online: 27.01.2023
Pages: 62-78
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In: Volume 32, Issue 1
DOI: 10.15405/ejsbs.332
Online ISSN: 2301-2218
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