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Personal Features and Research Potential of Students


This article describes methods and results of study of personal features and research potential of Russian students. We revealed differences in these characteristics in 245 students of different years and fields of education. We found out differences in levels of research potential development between bachelor students, master students and specialist students of humanities and natural sciences. We defined and describe those personal features which promote active students’ involvement in research and hence - research potential realization, independently of university and educational field. We characterized personal features of students with high level of research potential. Obtained results are a psychological basis for masters’ instruction differentiation, scientific supervision style selection and psychological support of students’ individual learning and scientific work organization.

Keywords: Studentspersonal featuresresearch potential

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Published online: 01.01.2014
Pages: 43-55
Publisher: Cognitive-crcs
In: Volume 8, Issue 1
DOI: 10.15405/ejsbs.111
Online ISSN: 2301-2218
Article Type: Original Research
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