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Content Analysis of Studies on Technology Leadership in Turkish Literature


The topic of this study is "technology leadership" in the scientific literature, which is related to the ability to manage technology. Demographic information, conceptual framework, methods, results and suggestions sections of articles and theses in Turkish literature which are related to technology leadership in educational process have been examined. From this point forth, this study aims to determine the general tendency in technology leadership studies, to reveal deficiencies and to propose new research subjects. The study was based on the qualitative approach and the document analysis was carried out in the study. Through purposeful sampling, YÖK database containing all the theses in Turkey and the ULAKBIM, the most comprehensive database containing many magazines were used. Thus, a total of 35 scientific studies (theses and articles) have formed the sample of the study. In the study, when the content analysis of the results section was examined, it was seen that the majority of the school administrators found their technology leadership level high while teachers do not find the level of technology leadership of the school administrators they work with satisfactory. On the other hand, school principals regard themselves more qualified than teachers on technology leadership. If we look at the different views on the study's findings, it should be said that there are steps to be taken in the context of improving technology leadership in education in Turkey. In this regard, there are things that first of all Ministry of National Education and then schools, school administrators, universities and academicians should do.

Keywords: Technology leadershipeducational technologytechnology in school management

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Published online: 28.03.2023
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