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Continuing Education and Professional Life Quality of the Nursing Community of Madrid


Todays society demands that nurses are as up to date as possible, as advances and changes in relation to health are required to provide consistent quality. This study investigates if the influence of certain variables have some significance on the quality of working life of nurses, and if continuing training exercises significantly influence the quality of life. A descriptive, correlational and cross-sectional study design was used to investigate a sample of nurses in Madrid using a self-administered and anonymous online survey. The professional quality of life questionnaire CVP-35 (Cabezas, 1998), validated for health areas was used. Regarding continuing training, 66.67% were awaiting training, 81.62%were currently undergoing training and 92.59% had training directly connected with their position. A certain quality of life correlated with average dimensions of managerial support and intrinsic motivation. There was no association with perceived workload. The nurses’ perceptions regarding their overall quality of life was relatively good with young nurses with families being satisfied with their professional workload.

Keywords: Quality of working lifenursescontinuing educationcommunity of Madrid

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Published online: 01.01.2017
Pages: 15-24
Publisher: Future Academy
In: Volume 18, Issue 1
DOI: 10.15405/ejsbs.202
Online ISSN: 2301-2218
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